Reap the Benefits of RTD'S Corporate 伙伴关系计划

The 区域运输区 keeps Denver moving by making lives better through connections. 像这样, RTD提供了一个独特的, 整体, customized marketing opportunity through its Corporate 伙伴关系计划. This program is designed to select well-established 公司 to partner with a wide range of 广告 assets.

通过这个项目, RTD seeks long-term partnerships that provide value and benefits for both parties. Strategic partnership opportunities are customized to meet specific requirements and business generation including 冠名权, 品牌, 广告, 沟通, 促销活动, 以及在线知名度.


Capitalize on a captive audience of more than 99M+ boardings annually across the system


Position as a community anchor to showcase sustainability and good corporate citizenship


Enjoy an ownership position through a dynamic 沟通与推广 platform


Association with a nationally recognized and highly respected organization


Valuable brand exposure to the RTD system serving 8 counties (including Denver) and 40+ municipalities

Bringing Together RTD, Companies and the Community

RTD’s corporate partnership program provides benefits for RTD, 公司, and the community. The program provides 公司 with an innovative marketing platform while generating daily brand recognition. It also develops a continued sense of community and commitment to the growth of the metro area and its public transportation system.

These partnerships strengthen RTD’s financial health including generating funds for possible service expansion and better maintained facilities while also providing quality and affordable public transportation.

在RTD, our Vision is "To be the trusted leader in mobility, delivering excellence and value to our customers and community. 了解更多关于RTD的优先事项.


"80% of customers and 78% of non-customers feel positive about the Corporate 伙伴关系计划 as means to generate revenue for RTD"

Based on consumer-based market research performed by National Service Research in the Denver Metro Area


RTD is offering the opportunity for 公司 to become an official partner of RTD owned and operated assets. Partnership opportunities may consist of 整体 packages that combine rights and benefits such as category exclusivity, 冠名权, 广告, 标志, 担保材料, 在线的可见性, 以及现场权利. Examples of partnership opportunities are noted below.


  • Service through central, southwest, and southeast metro areas
  • 7行(C, D, E, F, H, R, W)
  • 26,363,053个年度董事


  • 去DEN的捷径
  • 4路线
  • 每年有2,264,942人登机


  • 残疾人交通Tools
  • 402辆剖开车辆
  • 749,938个年度董事


  • Free shuttle service on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver
  • 36辆
  • 每年有13,529,498人登机


  • Takes riders to destinations within a geographic area
  • 54辆剖面图车
  • 553,639人每年登机


  • 53 miles of rail, including service to Denver International 机场
  • 预计客流量:每天40400人次
  • First commuter rail line opened April 22, 2016 with the University of Colorado A Line


  • 82 Park-n-Rides are located across the metro area
  • 30,730个停车位


  • Pre-arranged bus service for groups of 10 or more seniors
  • 每年有61,992名董事


  • 120 routes cover 2,342 square miles of Colorado
  • 服务超过9800个巴士站
  • 每年有59,655,861人登机




Please contact Adrian Mabry for any sales-related questions about the RTD Corporate 伙伴关系计划:



通过这个项目, RTD seeks long-term partnerships that provide value and benefits. Strategic partnership opportunities are customized to meet specific requirements and, 除了商业一代, 可能包括冠名权, 品牌, 广告, 沟通与推广, 使用设施, 现场促销活动, 以及在线知名度.


Potential rights and benefits include Entitlement and category exclusivity, 品牌和广告, 全系统识别和标识, 产品集成, 促销活动, 激励, 抽样活动, 公共关系和伙伴关系推广, 以及在线知名度和附带材料.

Where Will My Brand Appear if I Become a Partner?

通过赞助RTD资产, your company has access to an innovative partnership package that may combine a variety of rights and benefits such as 冠名权, name and logo recognition on directional and informative 标志, 广告 within a station or on trains and buses, RTD网站上的公司名称或标志, and 担保材料 and recognition in RTD press releases.


协议期限因资产而异. RTD looks for long-term relationships, typically not less than five years.

What if I'm Interested in an Asset not Listed under the Available Opportunities?

Any proposer interested in submitting a proposal not currently offered is encouraged to use the 网上兴趣表格.

This program answers to a deeper level of 整体 brand integration and partnership in which the three parts involved – RTD, 公司, 和社区——互惠互利. Not only does this program provide 公司 with an innovative marketing platform while generating daily secure brand recognition, but it also develops a continued sense of community and commitment to the growth of Denver and its public transportation system.

RTD intends to strengthen the financial health of the agency and generate funds for possible service expansions and for better-maintained facilities while continuing to provide quality affordable public.